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Barbaros Academy

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Barbaros Fact: anyone can become a digital specialist with the right approach. In Barbaros Academy, we stand for practice and real-life experience from the very beginning.
Learning digital profession with ocean view
Become a full-stack developer from scratch

Barbaros Course

Do you want to become an IT specialist? We know where to start.

Our course is the most practical and applied interactive program that allows you to learn how development is done in the real world. No abstract classes — only hardcore cause and effect.

Every theory piece comes with a practical task
We don’t have “lessons” — we have real enterprise experience
The course is shaped as a company working process including task tracking, peer-to-peer mentoring, and other Agile techniques
Frontend, backend, DevOps, or whatever — try a piece of every specialization to choose the part you like the most
Not alone: your personal mentor who’ll guide you into the IT world not as a professor but as a colleague
From zero to hero: suitable for those who never tried coding before

Practice beats books

It’s not your ordinary “theory course” — it’s a power course that crafts a Junior Developer fully suitable for working in an enterprise development right away. We teach to understand the code and see the core idea rather than local solutions.

IT class room
For those who have the knowledge but lack experience

Barbaros Bootcamp

You know how to code but lack the teamwork experience? Join our Bootcamp, where we create projects from scratch and learn to cooperate as a professional team.
Real projects you can add to your portfolio and say “I made it”
Applied experience of a team working on a stand-alone product
Prioritizing the tasks and features to fit the deadline and clients’ requests
The art of presentation: how to sell your technical solution to a product-oriented client
You bring the coding, we bring the ambiance, expertise, and mentoring.

Barbaros Academy: coming soon

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